The Commute 2018

The Commute 2018


Well, this is the area of the website where I attempt to sound profound and share all the details “about” who I am and why I created this website.

However, there is not much to tell…yet, regarding my foray into the world of photography. Like those that came before me, I was always interested in taking photos. That being said, those photos were taken with Polaroid cameras, throwaway cardboard cameras (the type they used to put on tables at wedding receptions) and, ultimately, the various iterations of iPhones that I possessed through the years.

This brings me to where I sit today, in front of my computer, having just purchased my first “real” camera - a Panasonic Lumix S1. When I embark on an endeavor, I jump both feet first, and, boy oh boy, is the Panasonic Lumix S1 the equivalent of skipping Dante’s first 8 circles of hell and bounding head over heels to the 9th.

This camera is, for lack of a better term (and to continue the Dante-esque theme), a “beast”. The funny thing is, it feels right at home in my hands, like an extension of my body. Moving forward, I will learn something new about it and photography every day.

For now though, the photos contained on this website are just some recent shots taken with my iPhone XS Max. But, watch out - I have booked shoots with models and will be honing my photography skills while enjoying my life, and the people who move in and out of it, to the fullest.